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The 2014 Dave Matthews Band Annual Summer tour kicks off down under in Sydney, Australia.  Then they follow up touring across the US at many of the venues they regular each summer.  As usually DMB tickets sell fast as they are still one of the worlds most popular bands that tour regularly.  View the below schedule to buy your Dave Matthews Band tickets online today.

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Dave Matthews Band Information


Dave Matthews Band ConcertThe Dave Matthews Band is an American rock band that found its humble beginnings in the quaint city of Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1991. Dave Matthews, the singer, songwriter and guitarist, as well as Stefan Lessard (bassist) and the remaining members spearheaded the formation of this well known band. The original band mates also included the backup singer and drummer Carter Beauford, and LeRoi Moore, the saxophonist.

The songwriter David John Matthews originally served as a local bartender in his hometown, before his unlikely rise to fame. Overtime, he cultivated a friendship with lawyer Ross Hoffman, a pivotal move that would ultimately spur his journey to success. Although Matthews was noticeably coy and reserved in his demeanor, Hoffman compelled him to record and shop around a few songs, and begin work in a music studio. Eventually, Matthews would join forces with drummer Carter Beauford, who had extensive experience in the music scene. After sampling one of Matthews’ recordings, he agreed to provide his drumming services. Eventually, Dave Matthews approached a jazz musician named LeRoi Moore, who had experience in the music scene, as well. When these three musicians finally convened, they began exchanging creative ideas in an effort to produce their own distinguishable style of music, in the year of 1991.

Matthews admits that he approached these two musicians now because he was compelled by desperation, but because he was simply enthralled with their musical adeptness and remarkable performance abilities. This band had very few instruments available at their disposal, but this did not discourage their pursuits in any capacity. In 1991, they began performing under the management of Charles Newman temporarily. They continued to perform at modest gigs, but finally released their official album in the year of 1993; entitled Remember Two Things on the record label Bama Rags. However, this album was later reintroduced to the world in 1997. The debut of this album was notably impressive, and by the year of 2002, it was an established platinum album, which was a momentous accomplishment on their behalf.

Rise to Fame

Dave Matthew Band Recently AlbumThe Dave Matthews Band experienced their rise to fame during the mid to late nineties. They introduced their very first EP in the year of 1994, entitled Recently. This album consisted of five tracks, which had been performed previously at The Birchmere in Virginia, and in other locations. In September of 1994, they officially released their second album entitled Under the Table and Dreaming, which comprised many of their identifiable mainstream hits such as “What Would You Say”, along with “Satellite” and “Arts Marching”. The inspiration of this album stemmed from a rather poignant history, the murder-suicide death of Matthew’s sister Anne, who was murdered by her husband.

Their rise to fame could be attributed to both their album Under the Table and Dreaming and their next feature album Crash, both of which garnered a slew of fans all over the nation. The album Crash in particular won them the notable honor of a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. Commendably, other songs achieved nominations, as well, including “Crash Into Me”.

Dave Matthews Band Under the Table DreamingIn the year of 1997, this band ascended to unprecedented levels of fame. They even recorded an album consisting entirely of live performances, entitled Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95. In 1997, the band made a predictable return to the music studio to record a new album featuring a number of different artists, such as Alanis Morisette, and the Kronos Quartet. They then released their third album Before these Crowded Streets. In 1999, the band proceeded to release more live albums for the public to enjoy entitled Live at Luther College, and Listener Supported.

Early 2000s

In the year 2000, the Dave Matthews Band established their very own record studio in the outskirts of Charlottesville, Virginia. They incorporated the expertise of their producer, Lillywhite, and they proceeded with recording their fourth studio album ever. Many songs recorded were influenced by untimely tragic events and individual conflicts from the lives of these artists, and these songs embodied more despondent themes than any other album in their discography history.

In late 2000, Dave Matthews made a strategic move, and tactfully collaborated with Glen Ballard, who was closely associated with Alanis Morisette in the music world. Ultimately, Dave and his remaining band mates convened in a Los Angeles music studio to record another album Everyday. There was, however, a sizable creative disparity between the bands’ traditional creative approach to creating music, to that of Glen Ballard who was often noted for a pop influence. However, when this album was released in 2001, it was readily embraced by the mainstream world and rose to unprecedented levels of popularity. Eventually, however, were disconcerted with the band’s divergence from their traditional sound produced by Lillywhite, in exchange for a more pop influenced sound.

In the next two years, this band would release additional albums, including Live in Chicago 12.19.98, and Live at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado.

Solo Albums

By the year of 2003, Matthews and Renold departed tentatively from their band in pursuit of solo opportunities, primarily their solo acoustic tour. These shows proved to be markedly different from the actual band performances. In 2003, Matthews took an additional leap of independence, and recorded his first solo album, entitled Some Devil.


DMB ConcertThe Dave Matthews Band emerged from humble beginnings, worked tediously in the music industry in order to acquire their deserved status, and still persist as a notable influence in the music world. After suffering the untimely death of their band member LeRoi Moore in 2008, they forged ahead in spite of this momentous setback. By the year of 2012, they had already released their 8th full-length album, titled Away from the World. Another album is current in the works, as of 2013, and the DMB announced a number of different performance dates in 2013, as well. For example, they performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Musical Festival, and the West Coast Blues N Roots Festival located in Australia.

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Famous Dave Matthews Band Tour Performances

Alpine Valley Concert 7-6-12

The Gorge Amphitheater 8-31-12

DMB Early 1992

DMB Early 1991 Trax Nightclub

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